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(after her 7-6, 5-7, 6-3 win against Karolina Pliskova)


QUESTION: Congratulations. Obviously, a lot has happened to you in the last year. So, how do you feel having another shot of making the final?

SIEGEMUND: I’m very proud of my performance. I think I played my best tennis this year maybe that I can play, again. I’m very focussed and until now very happy with my performances.


QUESTION: It takes a lot to outaggress a player that hits as big as Pliskova. You seemed to be able to do that today. Can you talk through tactically and maybe execution-wise how you were able to do that?

SIEGEMUND: I think I can play very aggressive and people maybe underestimate that sometime because I have fancy shots and drop shots here and there but I can play, I can put a lot of pressure on people. And that’s what my aim was today and it worked out. I did a good job.

Photo: Porsche press database

QUESTION: So tomorrow with the match up against Halep, can you just talk through what you expect and do we expect to see another Siegemund flying?

SIEGEMUND: I haven’t thought about it at all at this point and I will have time to do that tomorrow. For now, I’ll try to rest and I’ll try to really try to enjoy that today because it was really amazing tennis I showed and I think I can be proud of myself. And I’m normally very criticizing myself a lot but today there is not a lot I can say that I did bad. So, I will not think about it today. I will make a plan tomorrow for Halep.


QUESTION: At what point in today’s match did you realise you had it?

SIEGEMUND: After the match point.


QUESTION: It never felt like you were just in the zone?

SIEGEMUND: I was in the zone but being in the zone doesn’t mean that you’re going to win. It’s the base for what you need to be able to win. I knew I cannot let down at all, like I have to keep putting pressure on her. She was like in my neck the whole time.

Photo: Porsche press database